Our Services


Ebtikar provides its clients with integrated solutions for the rental of construction and transportation heavy equipment of all kinds, with the provision of experienced and trained labor under the supervision of engineers specialized in project management.

The list of equipment provided by the company includes:
Loader – bulldozer – grader – mash – heavy transport vehicles (dump trucks – trailers – trailer cars) – cranes – excavators

With the possibility of providing all equipment for road and construction works

Supply of asphalt and road works

Ebtikar provides its customers with the service of supplying asphalt and implementing integrated road projects by exploiting asphalt plants that cover all parts of the Republic, which helps to provide the required supplies in time, quality and reasonable price to our customers, as well as exploiting the volume of equipment available to the company in all areas of construction, building and paving roads

Construction works

Ebtikar provides its clients with distinguished services in general contracting work in all its branches:

  • Executing general contracting and construction works and public utilities professionally and at competitive prices that make it one of the best contracting companies without prejudice to the quality of service, which is based on a strong infrastructure of excellent quality
  • We provide all infrastructure and utilities works such as plumbing, water pipes, sewage pipes, electricity networks, telephones and the Internet with the highest degree of professionalism, with the hands of specialized and trained workers to deal with all works
  • Executing construction works in the fastest time and with the best results that you will never find like
  • Executing works of finishing services and building decorations at the lowest cost in the Egyptian market
  • Landscaping works, distinctive gardens and swimming pools are designed according to a tight system and a solid foundation of plumbing that does not lead to water leakage
  • Executing restoration works for buildings, villas, palaces, and building annexes
  • Executing interior and exterior design work for residential buildings, villas and palaces
  • Executing internal and external design work for industrial facilities and all production lines

Design and implementation of electricity networks

Ebtikar provides its clients with distinguished services in designing and implementing electricity networks, which include:

  • Electricity distribution stations
    Infrastructure electricity networks (medium – low)
  • Road lighting works – interior lighting works
  • Telephone networks – information networks
  • Telephone network systems – information networks
  • Fire alarm networks systems
  • Audio systems and networks, surveillance cameras, and paging system

Design and implementation of water and sanitation networks

Ebtikar provides its customers with distinguished services in designing and implementing water and sanitation networks, which include:

  • Engineering works for wastewater: design and installation of well, sewage and sewage treatment units.
  • Implementing water networks for villages, resorts and all institutions
  • Construction and maintenance of tanks
  • Replacing old water and sewage pipelines, valves and valve rooms

Real estate investment and development

Ebtikar provides its clients with distinctive solutions in investment and real estate development, including:

(Developing integrated housing solutions to provide high-quality housing – planning, organizing and dividing lands with the best infrastructure specifications – carrying out interior and exterior design work for the units and extracting the necessary licenses for them – creating and implementing modern commercial development concepts that suit the aspirations of the Egyptian community)