Integrated services in the field of corporate relations between small and medium companies

Our Services


Ebtikar provides its clients with integrated solutions for the rental of construction and transportation heavy equipment of all kinds, with the provision of experienced and trained labor under the supervision of engineers specialized in project management

Supply of asphalt and road works

Ebtikar provides its customers with the service of supplying asphalt and implementing integrated road projects by exploiting asphalt plants that cover all parts of the Republic

Construction works

Executing general contracting and construction works and public utilities professionally and at competitive prices that make it one of the best contracting companies without prejudice to the quality of service

Design and implementation of electricity networks

Ebtikar provides its clients with distinguished services in designing and implementing electricity networks, which include (Electricity distribution stations – Infrastructure electricity networks – Road lighting works – interior lighting works – …)

Design and implementation of water and sanitation networks

Ebtikar provides its customers with distinguished services in designing and implementing water and sanitation networks, which include (Engineering works for wastewater – Construction and maintenance of tanks – …)

Real estate investment and development

Ebtikar provides its clients with distinctive solutions in investment and real estate development, which include (Developing integrated housing solutions to provide high-quality housing – planning, organizing and dividing lands with the best infrastructure specifications – …)

Who are we?

Different and varied solutions

Get different and varied solutions in one place

Our experience

Our extended experience in construction and supplies from 20 years

Business follow-up

Skills our actions are continuous and efficient in order to overcome obstacles that show business actions and proactive plans before the implementation

Our previous work

Our previous work with the largest construction companies, roads and developers in Egypt and the Arab world

Competitive prices

We provide more than one solution in line with different budgets with the same degree of quality

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